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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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address the calls accordingly. we tend to use the numbers favorably. >> back to what this chief said, i certainly understand the fact that staffing drives a lot of this and i think it would be useful for us given where we are in terms of staffing to have a conversation of what would it take in terms of resources to get to the right amount of staffing prior to 18 if that's where we are now and talking about making changes that could expand hours i'm sure this community could be very interested in working with the police department to get to that point, 2018 is a long time. but i think that to expedited the right result with staffing, there are things we
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can do right now. we are undermining our own efforts to grow the economy and hopefully we don't have to wait to have those conversations. >> okay. berry, did you want to say something? >> supervisor really hit on it fairly quickly as well. that is i was just going to ask chief sur if there is anything that our industry can do to expedited the staffing and the resources that might be needed to help in light of the economic study that has been done. we can show that entertainment and nightlife is a great part of our economy. how can we show that? >> given the money that is available in the city budget
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and a lot of cuts are now asking for things back, for me to ask for more would get me just as much ill will from other communities that would be an expense. we are hiring three classes a year for the next year starting last year. there was a more aggressive plan that was 54322 or i don't remember exactly, but it was each academy class is about $4 million addition to the police department budget. so it's a lot of money. >> mr. rene? >> before we leave today i would like to say something to rich van cole. dave left years ago and he had been running the alcoholic department. dave was extremely knowledgeable and
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level headed and fair and rich who i believe is leaving the department. he's one of these guys who is leaving with a big exodus. he has done an amazing job. i would like everyone to give him a round of applause because he has been [ applause ] a real friend and out there every time and always trying to reach solutions and i hope that we can get somebody in those positions that will continue with that where he see's the need for entertainment and public safety and he's always trying to balance and he's done it really well. thank you. >> we are slight looking constrained for time and although i wanted to ask a question of all of you about late night food, instead i will say that i would like to offer you all some food in our breakout session. a couple of pieces of business before we
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go. one, please be sure to pick up these and come to our breakout sessions. we are in the rooms out in the hallway. those who have been here you know, if not staff will direct you. that's one piece. we have yet one more trivia question and then a little tribute to your local trade organization california music and culture theme act. >> this is the last one. this is the 4 out of 4 last one. this year the entertainment commission held the first 90s award. who won the marquis award at the very first 90s award. i'm going to run through all. the first question was who sells the second highest quantity of beer of san francisco. at&t one and the
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second, our board of supervisors who has played on bands, who are those two supervisors and the third one is about our chief, his very first concert, who was the head liner of that concert and who won the marquis award. when you fill out your card we are going into one of the conference rooms for food and you can put your card out and you win a delicious treat. cupcakes. >> yes. just so you know california music and culture theme act provides all the food and beverages every time we have one of these events. and now♪
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>> when you are talking about nightlife this is part of what makes the city unique and what makes it a different place. >> there is nothing more rewarding than the crowd reaction when you see these events. >> i met with people that were some of the most creative and talented forces that i came across. when i met them, that's what i want to do and that's what i want to be. that's where people come together building relationships and change the world. >> entertainment is a dramatic
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builder and people come here to enjoy the lifestyle in san francisco and to be successful in this industry is to have a diversity of options for people and to have an active entertainment scene. >> we have spent so much time trying to keep the doors open. >> the industry, they are going through the most tumultuous times trying to make a living. it shouldn't be that difficult. >> we have san francisco band musicians situations facing these problems surrounding issues and we want everyone to enjoy music here. >> i think it great that this community is getting organize.
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san francisco is a really complicated place. it's really important that we have an organization that can speak on our behalf and strongly about the political influence. >> we can talk to the politicians, sit with the directors and try to make sense that this is hurting the industry. >> nightlife needs the support of city government including the support of the police. i think that can happen. i think we can be a cooperative relationship. it helps to create a unified voice and helps to tell a story about why that industry is important. nightclub owners in general we don't share a lot of information together. >> something like this should have been around when i was starting out. >> they could have answered all of my questions. this is going to identify best practices. >> i think it's great.
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>> an organization like c mac can help preserve the diversity in france that you can't find in other places.♪ >> [ applause ]
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. >> any other board members from c mac here? >> turns out we are getting an award. >> i'm kathy peg executive director for rockers. it was ten years ago that the entertainment commission was formed and also the earplug ordinance was passed and san francisco because everyone's effort is the safest hearing city in the nation. i want to thank you for this award. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you so much. i want to thank all of our panelist.
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we'll see you in the breakout. >> [ applause ] >>
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